Expo Session Topics



Church Leaders’ Round Table
Pre-Conference session for church leaders (staff and volunteers) who want to discuss how they can best equip and send B4T professionals and support the B4T movement within their church community.

A New Way to Train B4T Coaches
B4T coaching is essential. It brings help to those doing some of the most difficult things on the planet! How can we do better? What skills could we add or strengthen that would be of greatest value to B4T practitioners? What can we learn from each other? A concentrated look at some fundamentals, a bit of practice, and feedback from the field will all be a part of this 1-day session. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

• Who’s behind the wheel? How to keep the B4T worker in the driver’s seat
• Effective coaching models
• Working with unique B4T challenges
• What’s in your toolbox?
• What hat to wear, and when


Introduction to B4T and OPEN
In this session you will learn the basic definitions of Business for Transformation (B4T), how it works within Business As Mission (BAM), and the goals to see businesses thriving and making Jesus known among all the least reached.
Our Priestly Calling
Dignity and Work
B4T Case Study
Real world experiences in B4T presented by a B4T worker



Equipping the Local Church
Equipping the Local Church to send and support B4T workers
B4T Case Studies
Real world experiences in B4T presented by B4T workers
Community Impact
How does B4T impact communities among the least reached?
Church Support
Why is the church a central and crucial element of B4T?
Investing in B4T
What does financial investing in B4T look like? Is it a donation? Is this real business?
Business Coaching
What is the value of coaching for B4T workers? How does one get involved in sharing their business expertise with B4T companies?



During Saturday’s General Session, we will have a variety of speakers talking generally about B4T and of its Kingdom importance and goal of transformation.


There will be 2 workshop sessions each on Friday and Saturday with six workshops at each time. Each workshop will be given 2x. Workshops will be given by the General Session speakers who have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into their topics (investing, coaching, B4T experiences, church support, etc)