Heard from previous attendees at the B4T Expo.

Good mix of concept and case studies. Good networking opportunities

Brad -

Very informative and thought provoking. I am convinced that B4T can be a very effective method of evangelizing and impacting the unreached.

Peter -

Loved the apparent humility – very strong vision for an organic means to the end and excellent equipping and networking.

Tom S -

I am in! Excited to attend the coaches training so I may use my business experience to further His kingdom.

Jennifer -

I have been to many BAM seminars and conferences; let me assure you none were as challenging and comprehensive as the B4T Expo. Having so many experienced people there who have really done it, made the difference.

Tim -

The strongest, most decisive missions related conference I have ever attended/been part of.

Chris -

Great for practical steps and info, for networking, for confirmation of calling. The case studies were excellent.

Jeff -

You guys really do integrate business with mission.

John -

It was an outstanding conference that helped to develop and expand the BAM concept in a tangible way for many of us.

Sheldon -

Thanks for all the hard work you did for the Expo, it really was a great success. It was fun to be a part of. You really do have the ear of many who are looking for the future of BAM, this expo made that clear to me. I also believe that you have the right vision for the future.

Andy -

I came alone – what a mistake. I’m bringing my friends next time.

John V -

As I reflect on the last few days I simply cannot hold it in. I thank you both for your obedience to the call of leadership and to carry His “easy burden” of a heart that is full of fervent passion to see Him glorified among all peoples and nations.

Al -

Came to get 2 specific types of information for 2 specific field workers. Take aways are MUCH more than that and for many more than just two workers.

Karen -

I was at a previous Expo, but I am so glad I came again. Plenty of new content, case studies, and networking opportunities

Matt -