Transforming Nations Through Business
Reaching the Unreached to Know and Love Jesus

Houston, TX - April 25-27

What is B4T?

B4T (Business for Transformation) refers to businesses strategically placed in unreached areas which are profitable and serving the local community; generally through transformation, and specifically through evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

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Who should attend?

Business Professionals: Those who are currently in business or retired and unable to “go” to the nations and want to explore coaching, investing, and/or suppporting B4T.

Future Workers: Students or young professionals who feel the call overseas to see how your passions, talents and training can be put to use in seeing God’s Kingdom come throughout the world.

Church Leaders: Those who want to learn more about the B4T movement and how their church can support and send B4T workers.

….and anyone who wants to learn more about B4T and how it is being used to create disciples among the least reached.

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Who we are.

Our team facilitates the largest BAM/B4T network in the world. We work with denominations, churches and individuals to increase the impact of overseas businesses in bringing Jesus’ transforming power to the least reached.

About Us

Very informative and thought provoking. I am convinced that B4T can be a very effective method of evangelizing and impacting the unreached.



Meet a new generation of cross-cultural workers who are eliminating the secular/sacred divide and dedicated to advancing God’s Kingdom through business.


Experienced practitioners will share their stories and how creating jobs is creating opportunity to share the Good News.


Dynamic seminars, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities so you can find your place in this movement, whether it’s as a mobilizer, coach, investor, or field worker.

Program Highlights

PRESENTERS are BAM/B4T practitioners who are currently developing and/or operating businesses that create jobs for nationals for the purpose of transforming communities for Jesus’ glory. BAM/B4T coaches and BAM/B4T service providers will also be represented.

SESSIONS are “TED Talk” style. Each speaker will cover their view of topic followed by a Q&A session, allowing the audience to engage in the topic presented.

STORIES from businesses around the world who are working among the least reached areas creating jobs and blessing communities.

B4T BUSINESSES represented:

  • IT Software/Hardware/App Development
  • Education
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Manufacturing (Clothing and Industrial)

Registration Options



Full Registration

Full Conference Registration for all 3 days.


Student Registration

Full registration for Students. Student ID required at Check In.



Church Leaders Round Table

This session is for church leaders who want to discuss how they can best equip and send B4T professionals and support the B4T movement. To register for this session, please apply for an access code by filling out the contact us form at the bottom of this page.

No Cost

Future Workers Seminar

A dedicated Post-Conference session for those who are making the commitment to become B4T professionals.

Conference Tracks


Business Professionals

Workshops in the track will include topics of financial investing in B4T companies, becoming certified as a coach, business strategies overseas, and various case studies in active B4T companies.


Future Workers

Workshops in this track will include topics of next steps to becoming a B4T professional, entrepreneurship in another culture, best practices for B4T, and stories from active B4T professionals.


Church Leaders

Workshops in this track include the topics of preparing to send B4T workers, developing a culture of support, best practices for churches and B4T, as well as hearing about challenges and success from current B4T professionals.

Conference Schedule

We are currently developing the schedule for April 2019.
For a general sense of what to expect, please see below for the 2018 Expo schedule.

8:00AM: Church Leaders Roundtable

2:00PM: Registration Begins


4:30PM: General Session
Introduction to the OPEN Network

5:30PM: Dinner

7:00PM: General Session
– Creating the OPEN Network
– B4T Core Value: Transformation
– B4T Case Study

8:30AM: General Session
– Financial Investing in B4T Businesses

9:45AM: Workshops
– Becoming a B4T Coach
– The Basics of B4T
– Why Coaching Matters
– Investing in B4T Businesses

11:15AM: General Session
– The Role of the Church in B4T
– B4T Case Studies

12:45PM: Lunch

2:00PM: Workshops
– Using Your Skills and Knowledge to Coach B4T Professionals
– How Your Church Can Send and Support B4T Professionals
– B4T Case Studies
– Financial Investing in B4T Businesses

3:30PM: General Session
– Why Coaching is Important in B4T
– B4T Case Studies
– Core Values of B4T: Accountability and Transparency

5:30PM Dinner

7:00PM General Session
– How Business Impacts Poverty
– Take Your Job Overseas
– Creating a Self-Supporting Business
– Tentmaking: What Is It?

8:30AM: General Session
– Women in B4T

9:30AM: Workshops
– Future Workers: Preparing for B4T
– How Your Church Can Send and Support B4T Professionals
– Everything You Wanted To Know About Apprenticeships
– How to Become a B4T Coach
– Why Coaching Matters
– B4T Case Studies

11:00 Workshops
– Why Coaching Matters
– Investing In B4T
– Getting to Know OPEN USA
– B4T Case Studies

12:15PM: General Session
– B4T Core Value: Excellence
– Panel Discussion: Ask Us Anything!

1:00PM: Lunch


2:00PM: Future Workers Session

Expo Location

We’re excited to announce that the 2019 B4T Expo will be hosted at Bridgepoint Bible Church in Houston, Texas!

13277 Katy Freeway
Houston, Tx 77079