B4T Expo Speakers

Due to the realities of international business, our speaker list is subject to change.


B4T Visionary

Patrick Lai is a slave of Jesus Christ. Patrick has a degree in Business-Marketing from the University of Oregon, a Masters of Divinity degree from Trinity Divinity School near Chicago and a Doctorate of Intercultural Studies from the Asia Graduate School of Theology. Patrick is the author of Tentmaking – The Life and Work of Business as Missions, Business for Transformation – Getting Started, as well as numerous articles on business as mission.

Patrick has served in Asia for 34 years; 4 years among the Chinese in Hong Kong as a regular missionary and then 6 years as missionary working among Muslims in SE Asia. For 20 years he started businesses and pioneered doing business for transformation (B4T) among Muslims. Recently he’s been providing leadership for the OPEN Network. The Lord has enabled his team to plant 2 churches and 2 fellowships among Muslims, while starting 14 small businesses in 4 Muslim countries. Yet Patrick is quick to point out that only 7 have been successful.

Patrick founded a network of B4Ters, BAMers and tentmakers and OPEN USA. OPEN USA (formerly Nexus B4T) began in 2012 and facilitates North American young people and business people to use their experiences, education and talents to serve, coach, and work alongside those doing B4T abroad.

Patrick is married to May for 38 years. They have a son and daughter-in-law serving the Lord in Denver as a banker and lawyer, and another son running an app development business in Asia. Currently Patrick and May mentor and coach B4Ters working where there are no churches, and teach around the world on a new paradigm for doing mission in a changing world.


B4T Practitioner

She is a wife and mother of 7 kids. She has lived in Africa for 10 years and founded a ministry that works to rescue and rehabilitate victims of sexual exploitation. Together with her husband, she has opened a boutique which is a retail shop and an American styled coffee shop that provides employment as well as opportunities for relationships with employees.

She is passionate about B4T work and has witnessed first-hand how it transforms the lives of those in communities around the world.

At the Expo, we will hear her talk about her extensive experiences and how she uses her knowledge of non-profit and for profit work to encourage women in the B4T movement.


B4T Professional

He uses games and oils and beans businesses to reach the unreached in a large unreached region in Asia until a domino effect of disciples making disciples move throughout the region and beyond.


B4T Professional

“MA” and his wife have been involved in Business for Transformation (B4T) since 1996. “MA” has helped establish three businesses, one of which now employs 100+ people. The businesses provide tremendous opportunities to proclaim the Gospel in a part of the world that is unreached with the love of Christ. “MA” and his wife are also involved in coaching, mentoring and networking with others. He speaks in the area of B4T worldwide, as well as works closely with his businesses.

Evan Kubicek

B4T Advocate

Evan Kubicek, aka Coach K, loves helping people and businesses reach something greater. As a professor at Eastern Illinois University I get to pass along strategies, processes and ideas that bring transformation in my students, their companies and their communities. He is a father of 4 boys, a husband of 17 years, a life & business coach, a volunteer firefighter, township assessor and former VP of Workforce/Impact CloudFactory.

Evan helps coach and mentor potential managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders to reach their highest potential. This passion for business and entrepreneurial development has taken him through several professions: retail, education, humanitarian aid, international technology startup and consulting in countries around the world.


B4T Professional

With her family, she has been living in Eurasia since 1991. In 1997, she and her husband started a B4T business. While it has been their desire to see the business make an authentic and sustainable contribution to society, their heartbeat is for their B4T to have a kingdom impact on people and the community around them. To this end, they long to see a vital movement of the Gospel, fueled by prevailing prayer, flowing freely through relational networks, both at work and in their community and beyond!

She oversees the marketing department in their efforts to maintain a healthy business while further developing relationships. Together with her husband, they co-own the company but consider God as the CEO, and together they are learning what this looks like and how it plays out in day-to-day decisions and long-term strategic planning.

God has grown and blessed the company over the years, to the point where today, they oversee 100 local employees in two offices. She started and is involved with a prayer room in one office. Presently she is launching a second prayer room in the second office location. They trust God for the Gospel to come to their B4T not merely in the form of words but in mighty power infused with the Holy Spirit.

Her greatest passion is to grow in an ever-increasing love for God -and to give this love away to the ones in front of her. She wants to be steeped in intercessory worship and be known to God as someone who will do whatever He says.


B4T Professional

With a background in Industrial Engineering and later in STEM education, AN’s life took an interesting turn when a move was on the horizon. In 2001, she relocated with her husband and small children, who are now grown and in college. For the last ten years they have operated a travel company together with their local staff, providing luxury custom travel for Western tourists and conference services across the Eurasia region. She is passionate about raising TCKs as a part of the culture where they live, pursuing excellence in language, living out unity in marriage as a couple in business, and helping working mothers thrive in their many crucial roles.

Devin Dickel

OPEN USA Church Relations

Devin Dickel is the Church Relations Lead with OPEN USA where he serves churches who are serious about extending God’s glory to all nations of the earth and are pursuing this goal through the avenue of real business.

Devin has former experience as a Sr. Systems engineer doing subcontracting work on US Army and Coast Guard helicopters. He now lives in the Twin Cities of Minnesota with his beautiful wife, Brianna, and their two young children.

Robert Fry

B4T Investor

Bob Fry is an investment advisor, writer, private equity investor, Bible study teacher and Senior Gift Advisor with the National Christian Foundation of California. For most of the last 27 years, Bob was an institutional investment advisor with several companies including Merrill Lynch, where he served in both investment and management positions. He was at one time Merrill Lynch Trust Company’s Director of Investments, a member of the Trust Company’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the Investment Committee that supervised $10 billion in trust assets.

He also spent more than ten years in private practice as a business and securities law attorney. Bob earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California and the degree of Juris Doctor from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Over the years, Bob has been a frequent speaker at national conferences for industry groups, such as the AICPA and the Investment Management Consultants Association, and for nonprofit organizations such as BoardSource, the Christian Leadership Alliance and Focus on the Family.

He is also the author of Nonprofit Investment Policies: Practical Steps for Growing Charitable Funds, (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1998) and Who’s Minding the Money? (BoardSource, Washington DC, 2009).

Bob lives in Concord, California, with his wife, Susan, who is a retired Special Education teacher. They have three children, Jennifer, who is an attorney in Sacramento, California, Katie, who is a pediatrician at Stanford Children’s Hospital and Jonathan, who is a petroleum geologist in Midland, Texas.

Finally, unlike many men in their 60’s, Bob has largely given up golf in favor of full-court pick-up basketball, where his much younger fellow players often observe, “he sure runs hard for an old guy!”